Improve Customer Experience

sports atmosphere

Provide the atmosphere and entertainment experience customers desire from a local sports bar.

With Soundog, the average sports fan can choose whatever game to watch and control the audio on their smartphone.  By offering them an enhanced experience with sound, a customer who comes in for the game will often be satisfied with their stay and order more while they are there, which means additional sales per visit.

Give Them What They Want - A Great Time

Allow your establishment to cater to every type of customer. Regardless if the local team's big game is on or the customer just wants to hear something else, Soundog allows them to choose whichever tv display interests them. Make sure that every customer feels satisfied with their visit.  The ability to satisfy a diverse crowd means getting a rush of sports fans for the big game as well as from people who like the quality of service or maybe just like the food.



Build Customer Loyalty

loyal sportsfans

With the Soundog's rewards-based referral system, customers are encouraged to recommend your business to family, friends and acquaitances, which help to expand the customer base.

Use Soundog’s Command Center to reward loyal customers with discounts, special offers, or maybe a one-time, date-sensative coupon that’s sure to bring them in during low volume times. Or even reward them when they enter. Customize the reward to fit the need of your business with our unique loyalty program.

Have hard to move items? Let you loyalty program help promote them. Send push notifications to your most loyal fans to reward them for their last visit and get them to come back for those items.

Also, reward customers just for ordering their favorite items. If they choose to eat and drink something over and over again, then why not reward them for it? Set up your loyalty program to remind them how close they are to earning their next reward, just for coming in and enjoying their preferred food and beverages.

Get Real-Time Reviews and Improve Reputation

In this digital age, customers have the ability to write a review while they are still in your establishment. Why not use this to your advantage?  Customers have the ability to write a review in real-time and share on websites like Google and Yelp.

Use the Command Center to monitor reviews for negative comments. If a patron is dissatisfied and rants negatively, use the Command Center to provide feedback and offer to make it right for them. It will help prevent negative comments, show others that you're willing to fix a bad visit and improve your business’ overall reputation.

Increase Sales and Effeciency

efficient profits

It's all about profit, so use a system that makes it easy to increase sales while also improving overall effeciency.

We know the game is important to them, but the bottom line is important to your business. With Soundog, customers get the best game experience and the business gets to maximize sales.

No more wasting the advertising budget with impressions to the wrong demographic. Use the Command Center with the Soundog App to identify when a customer enters the bar. Create specific ads to better cater to each customer’s prference. Customers will enjoy receiving specials that pertain directly to their order preferences.  The bottom line is an increase in orders from customers that want to stay and watch the rest of their program.

Unique Technology to Increase Communication and Efficency

Soundog offers a unique communication system to help the entire staff communicate better with each other and with customers. Through the use of the iFlex Q system, take the guess work out of the customer que. This unique system provides better estimation of seating and wait times and allows easier management of customer food orders in real time. also, use iFlex Q to gather demographic data about customers as they enter and use it to easily communicate with them, through SMS message or our advanced customizable voice pagers.