Audio Plus

For those who want to give their customers a taste of Soundog, then the Audio Plus package is the best way to introduce them to Soundog.  Audio Plus provides businesses with a TV audio solution along with a few digital adds for the app, access to direct mail and more.

The Audio Plus program includes:

  • Eight Channels of Audio
  • Enterprise Wifi Adapter
  • Branded Map App Location
  • Three Digital App Ads
  • Staff Incentive Program - Turn Your Staff into a Sales Team
  • Direct Mail Module Access
  • Kick-off Marketing Kit
  • Join (Opt-In) Digital Coupon - One Time Use

    Audio Pro

    For those who want to give their customers the full Soundog experience, then the Audio Pro package is the right choice.  Audio Pro provides so much more than the Audio Plus package.  Businesses with the Audio Pro package can utilize the Command Center, automate marketing, send push notifications and special coupons and more.

    The Audio Pro program includes:

  • Automated Marketing
  • Soundog Command Center
  • Your Customer & Prospect Database - Unlimited Listings
  • Four Messages to Your Customers Per Month
  • Email Marketing Messages
  • Push Notifications Messages
  • In-App Inbox Messages
  • Digital One-Time Use Coupons
  • Customer Digital Wallet
  • Location Based Services - "We Know When Customers Are in the Building"
  • Referral Program
  • Unlimited Digital App Ads with Timed Campaigns (still, video, audio)
  • Review Filter
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Custom PDF (menu, class schedule, price sheet, etc)
  • Online Reputation Module