Connect with Customers on Their Mobile Devices

app connect

Send automated messages to your guests' phone when they check-in at your establishment.

  • Send a welcome offer when they check in
  • Increase your daily/weekly/monthly sales
  • Customers earn rewards and earn points
  • Loyalty program tied into a tiered rewards program that builds customer loyalty
  • Increase customer visits, lower new customer acquisition cost

Create Powerful, Engaging, Positive Interactions


engage customer

Brand loyalty comes easy when you build a relationship. Encourage more visits with warm smiles and an app that rewards them for their business.

  • Send promotional messages or one-time offers
  • Let guests know about tomorrow’s special on their phone
  • Notify them of special events or discounts
  • Encourage staff to engage guests through the Soundog app
  • Staff incentive program: staff earns Soundog rewards for getting guests to join your Soundog marketing program

Let Customers Enjoy the TV with Wi-Fi Sound

TV sound remote

The Soundog app let customers hear the TV of their choice. They’ll choose your location again and again when you give them a virtual remote control of TV sound.

  • Happy customers stay longer and buy more
  • Increase beverage sales when guests are engaged with hearing the sports game of their choice (proven over the past 12 years by multiple nationally recognized restaurant franchises)
    • Purchase increase of one additional beverage per guest

Take Command of Your Marketing and Gain Repeat Business

Command Center

Control everything from social media and push notifications to in-store video and email promotions with Soundog’s easy-to-use, all-in-one Command Center

  • Monitor analytical data
  • Order custom-branded print materials
  • Our Command Center allows you to reach your guests in multiple ways:
    • Push notifications
    • In-app advertising
    • Emails
    • Direct mail
    • Point of sale print material

Other Benefits of Soundog

The Soundog app has other benefits for both your business and your customers:

  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Location Specific Marketing
  • One-time Use Digital Coupons
  • Customer Digital Wallet
  • Referral Program
  • Business Listing on Maps
  • Online Reputation Management

Want to try the app?  Visit our user site, download and see why your guests will love it.