Give Customers What They Want

hear the TV sound

When customers are in your establishment, they want to have a good time and you want them to like it enough to come back. So, why not do everything to keep them satisfied?

When people see a TV, the natural response is to listen to what’s happening.  Most people don’t like to watch a TV without sound.  They’re missing all of the important information. It’s like watching a silent movie. It’s so annoying.  So, why do so many businesses have TVs without sound?  It’s usually because having each TV with the sound cranked up would be too noisy and very distracting.

Enter Soundog…the TV audio solution. Customers can listen to any TV display on their smartphone with the Soundog Mobile App.  With Sundog, customers can watch a sports game and hear the commentary, watch the news and hear the reporter, or simply just hear whatever TV show they are seeing.  It's personal sound for a shared TV experience!

Want to impress them even more?  Offer them the optional K9-Woofer© device. It charges their device and instantly amplify the sound.

Connect with Customers

connect with customers via smartphone

Use Soundog to connect with customers while in your establishment or even while they're on the go.  Send push notifications for social events, special offers and more.

With our digital sound solution, you can directly engage customers through smartphone advertising. Send promos to your customers during their stay for instant sales boosts! It’s also a great way to increase customer loyalty and referrals to your establishment.

Want to know how effective the ads are? Tracking and analytics eliminate the guess work. You’ll know exactly what your customers are engaging with and how often.

Over 80% of mobile devices are smartphones. They matter. A lot. That’s why Soundog’s sound solutions are available and supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

Single platform convenience. Increased customer satisfaction, sales, referrals. Give your customers what they want, when they want it and where. They will respond by being loyal to your business. Soundog delivers.