Get More Customers and Wow Them with Soundog

iFlex Chef

Get found with the Soundog App.  Use our unique communication features to attract more customers who are looking to use the app to hear the TV while they dine.

Our app has a map that allows app users to find businesses with Soundog. With the ability to send messages to Soundog users in the area, business managers are able to let potentials customers know about them. Combined with its referral system, Soundog business are connected and will have more customers visiting rather than their competitors.

Improve Satisfaction While Reducing Wait Time

Increase customer satisfaction by improving front and back of house communication and reducing the wait for orders all at the same time with the iFlex Chef. By virtually eliminating unnecessary trips back to the kitchen by wait staff, you’ll increase the efficiency of servers picking up food and decrease the time of customers waiting for their order.

Using a durable rubberized mounted tablet, chefs will be able to send notifications directly to wait staff through vibrating smart watches. This means servers will never again be unaware of when their food or drink orders are ready to be taken to customers. Servers will also have the ability to “bump” an order to another server if a situation arises, leading to a more cohesive team-oriented staff.

Maximize Customer Spending and Improve Reputation

restaurant wow

When customers enjoy their experience in your establishment, they tend to stay longer, spend more money and tell others about it. That’s the hallmark of success.

Using Soundog’s unique features of personalized TV sound, iFlex system and more, customers are sure to choose your restaurant over the competition and have a more enjoyable visit. When a customer is please with their service and experience, they tend to be happier and more enthusiastic to purchase more. By providing a better overall experience and increasing staff efficiency, customers will be more apt to return as well as recommend your establishment to others.

Get More Repeat Business and Improve Reviews

Use Soundog to stay engaged with customers, even when they’re not in your restaurant. Interact with them on social media, inform them about upcoming events, or get them to come back by offering them incentives. With the ability to send messages to customers, no matter where they are, a restaurant that has Soundog is able to make sure that customers never forget about the great experience they’ve had. Soundog can even help improve your reputation. Through the Soundog mobile app, customers can post immediate reviews, which can improve rating on many review sites like Yelp, Google or Angie’s List. Soundog can even help reduce negative reviews. Get immediate notifications of a negative review and interact with the customer to remedy the situation.