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Connect with Customers Everywhere

connect with customers

Soundog lets business stay connected and engaged with customers, even when they are not inside their establishment.

Soundog allows businesses to invest in their customers and develop a better rapport. Use the web-based Command Center to schedule social media posts, push notifications, special offers or coupons, and reminders that are based on customer interaction or non-interaction. Use the portal to inform them of programs or to promote your latest offer. Keep them up to date on current deals or give them digital coupons to ensure a repeat visit. Using mobile technology, customers can receive notifications when their on the go or even when they are inside your business.

Get Found, Acquire Repeat Business and Grow with Soundog

find my business

With access to the Soundog app on mobile, customers can easily find your business before they leave home or even when they’re already out.

Whether your business is transportation, hospitality, health, food service or some other service, growth depends upon how much exposure a potential customer has to your exclusive brand. When a business has Soundog, repeat and first time customers alike can easily find your business. Each establishment with Soundog can be found on an interactive map within the app, allowing for more impressions of the brand.

Get Repeat Business

Soundog began as TV audio, but has grown to be so much more.  Using an integrated rewards system, business owners are able to set a tiered rewards system that best fits their business, industry or customers. This system is customizable, allowing owners to set what guests have to do to earn points. Motivate customers to keep coming back time and time again to earn new rewards with each visit.