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Soundog® Solutions, Formerly Soundog Applications, Now A Division of Real Green Systems

Walled Lake, Mich. - September 14, 2017 – Soundog® Solutions, formerly Soundog® Applications, announces the formation of a new division to parent organization, Real Green Systems®, a Michigan-based software and marketing company with over 30 years’ experience specializing in mobile business software development, as well as mobile digital and print marketing products and strategies featuring real-time communication and analytics. This new division of parent company, Real Green Systems, will continue to provide personalized location-based marketing and digital audio to customers’ smartphones and tablets for the service and hospitality industries, while offering a new evolution of mobile marketing, as well as mobile “to go” and “in-house” ordering for restaurants and other locations featuring food venues.

Both Soundog Solutions and Real Green Systems have licensed the technology and intellectual property that made Soundog a leader in the mobile digital sound and marketing promotions app market, and now with the seamless integration of mobile ordering, are ready to bring this exciting technology to market.

“We renamed Soundog to better portray the all-in-one app solution that takes hospitality and service industry marketing, mobile ordering and digital sound delivery to the next level – delivering a superior user experience for our customers and their guests,” Soundog Solutions president, Jim Kucik, stated.

“This new, more powerful app, controlled with our multi-level access technology, allows flexible control at corporate, field and store levels, making Soundog Solutions the all-encompassing solution for multi-unit, franchise or small business marketing, mobile ordering and digital sound.” Real Green Systems and Soundog Solutions CEO, Joe Kucik, says of the change.

“The dynamic and far reaching synergy created by the full integration of Soundog Solutions with Real Green Systems has energized our creatives in research and development resulting in this powerful app, which will prove invaluable to retail customers and endusers alike. We’re thrilled with the new developments from this fully integrated team.” COO and President of Real Green Systems and Soundog Solutions, Don Brown stated.

We invite you to find out more about the integrated mobile marketing, superior sound delivery, on- and off-premises mobile ordering convenience and elevated customer experience Soundog Solutions will provide your business.

For more information, visit call (877) 595-5105.