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Soundog Strengthens Network and Services with New Affiliation

Soundog Applications, formerly The Soundog Company, partners with Real Green Systems

Walled Lake, Mich. - September 14, 2015 – The Soundog Company, operating since 2002, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Real Green Systems to form a new company, Soundog Applications. A leader in delivering personalized location-based marketing and digital audio to customers’ smartphones for the service and hospitality industries, Soundog Applications is now powered by Real Green Systems, a leading technology and marketing innovation company, differentiated by its ability to deliver intelligent digital and print marketing strategies paired with comprehensive real-time marketing analysis.

“Soundog Applications, will benefit businesses through enhanced personalized audio delivery and locational marketing that will keep patrons in our customers’ establishments longer. They will increase profits with real-time marketing analytics provided by Real Green Systems, and that is the greatest advantage. Being able to immediately know the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, while patrons are still on location, then being able to adjust in order to maximize response before they decide to leave – it’s invaluable”, says Soundog Applications President, Doug Buday.

With Real Green Systems’ 30+ years experience providing business software, intelligent mobile marketing solutions, and internal print resources the new venture will create the operating efficiencies and economies of scale required to facilitate future growth while providing customers with superior marketing services. These will allow businesses to implement fluid and agile marketing strategies faster, for increased profitability.

“Soundog Applications powered by Real Green Systems will, in addition to creating a world-class company that delivers enormous opportunities for our employees, provide maximum value and a superior growth experience for our customers.

“It’s all controlled with our multi-level access technology that allows control and flexibility at corporate, field and store levels, making Soundog Applications the perfect solution for multi-unit, franchise or small business marketing.” Real Green Systems and Soundog Applications CEO, Joe Kucik, stated.

Real Green Systems and Soundog Applications COO, Don Brown stated, “Our newly combined specialties create a dynamic and far reaching synergy that has everyone energized and excited about the road ahead.”

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