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Let Smartphone Use Increase Your Sales and Productivity

mobile menu payment

“We don’t have to wait for the check, I just paid with my phone. Let’s go!” With the Soundog app, this satisfying comment could be the norm in your establishment.

In our modern world, most customers are self-sufficient and on the go. They use technology to improve their lives. So, why wouldn’t businesses do the same? Use Soundog to improve your business and ultimately your customers’ experience. The app’s mobile menu ordering feature promotes the concept of sit-back shopping, where busy customers can use a mobile device to place beverage orders while watching a game at a sports bar, order food from their restaurant table or take-out from the comfort of their car, office or sofa, room service from their hotel balcony, celebration drinks from the casino floor or even protein drinks, snacks, or merchandise from a machine at a gymnasium or fitness center. A more personalized positive experience improves satisfaction and customer retention and encourages customers to come back again and again. Soundog’s mobile menu ordering has the potential to increase your business’ average orders by up to 30% and overall revenue up to 25%.

Interactive Features Provide Options for Orders and Payment


mobile menu ordering

The Soundog app gives customers more flexibility and options to make purchases. It’s mobile menu ordering feature lets them:

  • Connect with their wait staff
  • View selected menu items on app
  • Place orders on-site or for pick-up
  • Pre-order before they even arrive
  • View previous orders
  • Pay bill from their mobile device
  • Use credit card payment processing for mobile