Customers Use the App – Businesses Collect Data

app collects data

Welcome to the digital age where customers download and use apps on mobile devices. These devices are a treasure of human behavior. Why not use this data to make their experience even better?

When customers download the app, they complete a form. Upon submission, their specific information (demographic data, email, mobile number and more) is used to build a database. From there, business can use this information to engage the customer through automated and text campaigns, push notifications, custom direct mail, social media, and video marketing. The collected data allows the business to better connect with customers, provide customize offers, perform analytics, build loyalty and referral programs and implement an online review system to better manage its reputation.

Use the Check-In Feature to Improve Repeat Business

check-in feature

With Soundog, know when customers enter your establishment and reward them for their repeat business.

Use Soundog to develop a relationship with customers and provide them with an experience that will keep them coming back. You’ll be amazed at how often they visit, how long they stay and how much they spend with your business.

The geo-fencing technology provides information on when customers enter your location, how often they come and what coupons they use. Check to see which day of the week, time, or event that customers visited and compare the behavioral data to their demographics. Use the combination of all of this data to establish when peak times are for each target market, whether it be young adults, families, or even couples. You’ll always know what’s going on with customers thanks to Soundog.

Build a Unique, Tailored Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program

Reward customers with Soundog’s tiered rewards system. By giving customers an extra incentive to visit, they’ll come in more often. Simply set the reward values and prizes. Let each customer’s check-in add up to earn points to a reward, discounts, coupons, special offers or whatever works to get repeat business. They’ll revisit more frequently to get that special reward.

Engage with Customers Using Smartphone Technology

engage group on mobile

Make sure they know about the special offers, current deals, social engagements, experiences and benefits.

Utilize Soundog’s geo-fencing feature to send promotional messages or special offers to customers upon entering your location. Through the use of our automated marketing program, just set it and forget it. With just the touch of a button, send out special one-time offers and push messages to interest them with future events or rewards.

Let them Hear the TV

hear the TV

Empower customers to make the best of their experience with your business. Let them hear the TV of their choice. Satisfy their experience by giving them total control over their entertainment.

If you let customers have multiple options to watch around them, them why not let them have multiple options to listen? With Soundog, you can! Finally, a solution that makes sense. Give customers the personal touch with the ability to hear whatever TV they decide to watch. With Soundog’s audio solution, customers will be able to sync to any TV in your business and hear exactly what’s going on without delay, all while streaming through Wi-Fi.

With our K9-Woofer© device, customers can charge their mobile device while amplifying and sharing the sound with others. With our convenient Soundog earbuds, customers can personalize the sound and immerse themselves in the experience.

Using Soundog Will Improve Sales and Grow the Business

Soundog Command Ceter

Take command of your success.  Manage customer communication and social media, automate marketing, order direct mail and even more with ease using Soundog’s all-in-one Command Center.

Our unique all-in-one Command Center is the ultimate tool for any business. It allows business to actively take charge of their marketing efforts, communication directly with customers and tailor specific message based on demographics, frequency of visit and more. Business managers and owners can send notifications, messages and special offers, create advertisements, and administer rewards with just the click of a button. Even schedule push notifications for special offers during peak times to increase the sale of hard to move products and services.

Too busy to be social? Use the integrated social media tool to schedule post at multiple times to multiple sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Use this feature to plan out your week. Write all social media post at once and let the Command Center send them out all week long. With the ability to post all social media comments at once, you’ll be able to update more frequently and control your social media appearance with ease.

Extend Your Reach with Direct Mail

Reach out to your customers the old fashion way too. Soundog offers printing, mailing, list and storage service. With access to our printing warehouse located in Walled Lake, Michigan, businesses have the added benefit to print and process custom direct mail. Send a postcard or mail coupon to customer homes or even use or list services to send something to new prospects in the area. With the option of doing every door direct mail, or even targeted direct mail, based on the demographic data gathered by the app, customers will be able to receive reminders of your great service.

Want to learn more? Watch our video and see how it works.