An Enhanced Experience Improves Satisfation

happy hotel guests

With so many well-known hotels and hospitality brands around the world, customers have a virtual smorgasbord to choose a venue that meets their expectations and needs for accommodations. Let Soundog help give your location an edge.

Accommodate guests with the Soundog Network! First, guests will be pleased to have access to TV sound over Wi-Fi throughout your facility, including restaurants, lounges, fitness and waiting areas. But the real value for them is the interaction they’ll get through notifications that make their stay or vacation a memorable one. With push notifications, let guests know about upcoming events in the area such as live shows at theaters and night clubs, or even introduce them to local establishments affiliated with your company. Let them know about all of the benefits of staying in your hotel. From letting them know about spa deals and gift shop sales to restaurant and bar specials, make sure guests know everything about their new home away from home.  Make sure each guest is informed of all there is to do. It will impress them and create the desire to return so they can indulge themselves with your exquisite facility and sociable service.

High Satisfaction Improves Reputation

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With Soundog, more guests are satisfied with their stay.  With more happy customers, your hotel brand will become more popular and have a better online reputation.

After a stay at your facility, let satisfied guests tell management and others about their experience. Allow guests to share their experience and give immediate feedback to let others know about your hotel. On the app, guests can easily rate your hotel and get an instant reward for doing so. With the ability to instantly post to review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor and many others, the news of your great service is sure to spread.

Improve Hotel Restaurant, Bar and Staff Efficiency

iFlex Q

Streamline procedures throughout your hotel. Use our iFlex technology to improve communication between bartenders, restaurant or hotel kitchen chefs and respective wait staff.

Use our iFlex system to contact wait staff while they’re on the floor. Direct communication with staff means ticket times decrease, efficiency increases and customers receive hot food when it’s still hot. Drastically reduce needless customer wait.

Not only can the iFlex Chef aid food service areas, but it can also give housekeeping services an advantage. With the ability to send notifications directly to smart watches, management can notify housekeepers of any service, including disgruntled guests who need immediate attention. Just another way Soundog helps to keep hotel guests relaxed and satisfied.