Improve Member Experience

tv exercise

The reason to visit a health club is usual personal, so the experience should be too.  Use Soundog to keep members satisfied with a customized loyalty program along with access to personalized TV sound.

The Soundog app allows club members to use their smartphones to interact with your facility for an heightened experience. It lets them choose to hear any TV display in the facility, providing a more enhanced experience and work-out. Enrich their experience with a sound solution that’s as personal as their exercise routine.

Reward Members for Visit, Referrals and More

With our versatile software, health clubs can create a unique loyalty program base on visits, friend referrals, supplemental purchases or other interactions. Through our point tracking virtual wallet, your fitness center is able to offer customers particular rewards, just for doing the things they already plan to do. It can encourage them to return, maintain their membership and refer.

Use Notifications to Increase Sales

increase training and sale of items

Health Clubs can use Soundog to promote the latest sale on supplements, apparel or even classes and personal training sessions.

With the ability to push ads and coupons to the app through Soundog’s web-based Command Center, clubs are able to let members know of all of their great deals. Advertise directly to people currently working out or to the ones that haven’t been in for a while. Promote apparel such as t-shirts, work-out gloves to prevent getting torn hands or maybe even a belt to improve posture and squat ability durin weightlifting. Send a push notification to communicate the benefits of protein after an extensive routine, or whatever type of communication that your management staff sees as appropriate to members. The choice is yours.

Promote Supplements and Personal Training

Have hard to move supplements on the shelf? Use the notification feature to promote them. Maybe your personal training sessions or group exercise classes are slow to fill. Send an ad highlighting a specific personal trainer and their qualifications. Use this feature to show members how much more effective their workout could be by working with one of your expert trainers.

Use Direct Mail and Referrals to Grow the Business

member direct mail

Find new members with Soundog! Our company offers access to direct mail services as well as a unique referral program for members.

Help potential members find you. With your gym in the Soundog network, anyone with the app loaded on their smartphone can find your business location. Another way to attract new business is through the use of direct mail. Get right to potential member’s doors. With the ability to do every door direct mail, your business can reach customers where they live. Through our partnership with Real Green Systems, Soundog is able to supply the highest quality prints at a very affordable price.

Personalized Rewars for Referrals

With Soundog’s special referral program, current gym members are rewarded for spreading the word to family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances and people they meet on social media. Using a specialized download code, members receive bonus check-in points for every time their code is used, which means more people hearing of your business and using your facility’s rewards system.