Q: Where can I get the Soundog app?

A: The Soundog app is available through the Apple iTunes store (iOS version) and the Google Play Store (Android version), you can reach them both at the links below:


Q: I downloaded the app, but it just tells me that no Soundog server is present?

A: The Soundog app looks for a Soundog Interactive Transmitter (S.I.T.) that is installed in your favorite establishment. If you are home, you won’t be able to use the Soundog app because its meant for multi-television environments. If you are at your favorite venue, ask them why they don’t have the new 5.0 Soundog!

Q: My favorite local bar has Soundog, but the app doesn’t seem to work with them?

A: The Soundog app only works with the new Soundog Interactive Transmitter (S.I.T.) version 5.0 as they are digital streaming servers. The older Soundog transmitters (4.0 and below) are radio frequency and don’t work with the apps. Ask a manager to contact us regarding upgrading to the new system!

Q: I am at an establishment with Soundog and they have a S.I.T. – other people are enjoying the Soundog app but mine won’t work?

A: The Soundog app works over the Soundog Wi-Fi network. Please make sure that your Smartphone’s Wi-Fi is turned on and that you are on the open Wi-Fi network titled “Soundog.”

Q: I have an Android Phone but I don’t see the Soundog app in the Google Play store?

A: We strive to support the many versions of Android and the many phone manufacturers. Due to the nature of our streaming audio servers, phones with older versions of Android may not be supported. Also, phones with extensively modified audio functions (such as HTC) may not be supported.

If you do not see the Soundog app in the Google Play store, it is not currently supported for your phone. We are constantly working to improve our service and may have a solution for you in the future!

Q: I have a Windows/Blackberry/Symbian/Etc. based phone, what about me?

A: While we currently support iOS and Android only, we are constantly evaluating new platforms for development. If you are on a different platform, please contact us and let us know! This helps us determine what we should develop next.