Use Soundog’s All-in-One Command Center

analyze and promote

Want the flexibility to do everything from analytics to video marketing with just one tool? Need an easy way to maintain the company brand?  Then, the Command Center is for you.

Soundog’s Command Center is an easy to use web-based app that provides the ability to make changes instantaneously. Gain the power to edit in-store offers and ads or send push notifications to customers with just a few clicks. Business managers can even get patron feedback, track promotion results, and develop a customer loyalty and rewards program. When it comes to return visits, you’ll be leader of the pack.

The best app in the world is nothing unless people know about it. The same is true with your business. Soundog sniffed out and ‘friended’ Real Green Systems, one of the best service and hospitality industry marketing companies in the business. When you sign up to receive Soundog’s audio component, you also get the benefit of support from marketing professionals with more than 30 years in the business. Grow your business with local inbound marketing, social media management, laser-targeted direct mail, print services and more.

With Soundog Solutions, everything you need to grow your business is under a single umbrella. We take time to get to know you and your brand – then work hard to build that brand and protect it throughout all of your marketing channels.

Manage all facets of marketing, ensuring consistency across the entire chain. The company’s brand will always be up-to-date in real-time at every location, using the Command Center.

  • Brand control and empowerment
  • Message and branded image consistency for your entire company across all media channels
  • Promote individual entrepreneurship at local level.
  • Track results at individual, regional and national levels
  • Inbound, permission-based marketing that speaks to local community including locally optimized webpages with blog posting, social media business platforms and more

Collect Data, Then Analyze and Promote

Better understand patron necessities and behaviors with Soundog’s Command Center. Knowing customers and what they need from your business will help you to take a bite out of the competition. Our software will collect the data from patrons and help you analyze it to better promote your unique products and services. Access campaigns, ads and analytics right from the web-based portal.

Use the Command Center for Both Digital and Print Interactions

Soundog direct mail

With just a few clicks, business managers can send out push notifications, develop an email campaign, automate promotional offers or even order no-hassle, turn-key direct mail and promotional items.

In the age of smartphones, everyone opens messages. While a patron is inside your establishment, instantly capture more business from them using push notifications or sending an email campaign of unique in-store offers. Send single-use coupons or other instant offers. Even preview the campaign before it’s sent. With Soundog, it’s easy to do and it works.

As part of the Command Center, use the direct mail app to login to our marketing portal. Create custom promotional collateral and inexpensive mailers to send customers who have visited your establishment. It’s so simple to use and provides a quick turnaround. Track the success of each printed promotion with QR tracking tools.

Reach Customers with Every Door Direct Mail

Soundog offers Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), an economical way to reach every residential customer in your chosen area. EDDM was developed by the U.S. Postal Service; but Soundog Solutions has perfected it. It’s pure genius! EDDM is another ‘intelligent’ mailing piece and can be made available to you and your staff through the Web-to-Print Dashboard or à la carte.

A Web-to-Print Dashboard for Quick and Easy Marketing

Whether your business is managed from a single location, multiple storefronts or managed as a franchise operation, all marketing materials need to be branded the same and delivered fast. That’s why Soundog’s Web-to-Print Dashboard is the perfect solution for a business of any size. Our Web-to-Print Dashboard is completely customized and secure – offering custom designed marketing materials that anyone in the organization can order. We do all the rest. Plus, our print materials are ‘intelligent’, allowing you to track their reach and response rates.

Order Promotional Items and Wearables with Just a Few Clicks

Going to a trade show? Want giveaways for your sales staff? How about custom apparel for your employees? Promotional items are important. They reinforce your branded image and value proposition. Why not get them from the same place that works so hard to maintain and reinforce your brand? Order promotional materials and wearables from Soundog Solutions using the Command Center.

Advanced Features Makes It Easy to Be Social and Offer Unique Messaging

promote by text

Build your social brand with just a few minutes a week. Soundog’s Command Center makes being social as easy as it should be.

Customers are social, so your business should strive to socialize with them. But with the growing number of social platforms, who has time to post messages on every social media site?  Soundog has the social solution.  Use the Command Center to easily engage customers on multiple social media platforms with a single post from one app. One click and you’re done. It’s a real time save!  Attach photos and even schedule the post to send during your establishment’s busiest hour.

Other advanced features include in-store video promotion and the mobile virtual wallet. With a captive audience in your establishment, use custom videos to inform them of products and services or specific in-store offers. With the Command Center control panel, remotely upload video files in real-time and stream from YouTube. With the mobile virtual wallet, allow customers to keep track of all your offers and promotions. Using their mobile phone or tablet, customers can save offers they want to redeem on their next visit, pull up the ad to redeem while they visit and even track their rewards.

Use Automated Feature for Easy and Efficient Marketing

With automated marketing, you’re in control. Send time-sensitive offers during peak hours or set up campaigns to connect with patrons based on the frequency of their visit. Schedule automated delivery of messages, special offers, and reminders based on customer interaction or non-interaction. Do you have a patron who hasn’t visited your establishment in a few months? Connect with them through automated promotions.

Improve Your Reputation

Do you know what customers are saying about your business? With Soundog, see what current and past patrons are saying about your business. See your current ratings from sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. If the review is good, click a button to contact customers for positive reviews. If it’s not, connect with them to improve relations and your reputation.