Promote Live Events, Gaming and More

casino engage customers

Use Soundog to promote upcoming events or send guests unique coupons to draw them back for a special night on the town.

Whether you're promoting a live performance or maybe even specific games like keno or your monthly grand prize, let guests know about the events that are going on throughout the casino. Keep them up to date on shows, bar events or anything else going on in the casino or at your partner businesses. Use Soundog’s push notification to send information on dinner specials at the restaurant, drink specials at the bar, or even information on live shows with open seating. Use the push feature to draw past guests back to the casino.  The possibilities are endless.

Let Guests Enjoy themselves

People enter a casino expecting to have a great time. Ensure guests have the best possible experience. Let them hear any TV display throughout the casino. Whether it is a horse race, a boxing match, a football game or anything in between, guarantee that customers on the floor or in a lounge can hear what they are watching.

Streamline Staff and Procedures

iFlex Chef

Never let another guest wait too long.  Use Soundog's unique smart technology to  improve communication between staff and develop better procedures to handle food and beverage orders.

Ensure that staff is as efficient as possible with the iFlex Chef, the future of the food service industry. Allow bartenders, servers, and chefs to communicate with each other using this unique technology. Chefs or bartenders can simply click a button on a durable easy to use tablet, and the server receives a notification through a smart watch to pick up the order.

The iFlex Chef smart watch is extremely durable. When wait staff receive a notification, the watch vibrates to alert the server that their order is ready. Staff can see which order is ready and can even “bump” the order to another server if they are unable to retrieve it at that time. This means faster service, better food and happier guests.