Soundog Brings TV Sound to the Masses


Necessity for TV sound is the mother of Soundog.

Founded by Doug Buday in 2002, Soundog began as a provider of revolutionary, personalized audio in an analog format. Now, it’s time for another revolution. Welcome to the digital age! With lightning fast apps and wireless handheld devices, Soundog can now provide streaming audio to any mobile device over WiFi.  After a simple download of its free app from either iTunes or Google Play, customers are on their way to hearing any one of your TV displays on their smartphones or tablets.

This innovative brainchild of Buday also provides a distinctive, all-inclusive app for businesses to enhance communications with and in-store promotions to patrons.  With a captive audience, take advantage of our local inbound marketing. Use the app to send customized offers through a private, secure network. Additionally, we offer features such as targeted direct mail and marketing services to help grow your business.

Currently, Soundog is located in Walled Lake, Mich. More than 2,000 establishments throughout the United States rely on Soundog to bring crystal-clear, wireless audio to their customers for TV viewing.

Our History: Unmuting the TV

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Soundog is a wireless sound provider that offers a unique product to enrich the TV experience in a public setting.

The origins of Soundog came after the break down of another company called SPROX (name conceived from the idea of “sports box”), which provided wireless tabletop audio to sports bars. In 1999, Buday was given the task of providing commercial audio and visual installation in a sports bar environment. He discovered that wireless audio technology for TVs did not exist. After much brainstorming, several prototypes, and many late nights SPROX was born.

SPROX served business for many years offering high definition audio and visual systems. It manufactured and distributed Soundog, the wireless tabletop audio product, and Sprox Display Technologies high contrast projection screens.

SPROX evolved into SPROX Incorporated and supplied more than 20,000 businesses with a wireless audio solution. But in 2015, SPROX Incorporated and Buday affiliated with Real Green Systems to form Soundog Applications, which then became known in September 2017 as Soundog® Solutions. The new company has foregone the use of the analog tabletop apparatus to offer digital, wireless sound through the use of smartphone technology.



Our Mission: A Sound Experince

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Soundog’s mission is to offer wireless sound solutions that can enrich a patron’s experience as well as enhance in-store marketing.

Soundog’s vision is to enhance the shared experience. The intent is to heighten the shared experience of customers with friends and family. It will make you re-think where you dine, workout, play, relax and wait. Give your customers Soundog, the most valued TV audio app in the United States and Australia.

Our Core Values: SOUND

At its core, Soundog Application believes in:

  • Simple, not complex
  • Open-mindedness, creativity and being advantageous
  • Understanding that leads to growth
  • Never settle for anything less than excellence
  • Dependability for our clients and users